Date(s): 09/07/24
Time: 12:00 pm - 5:00 pm

Class of 1969 Essex Men, you may remember that we had a fabulous 50-year weekend reunion in 2019. We are planning a similar event for our 55th in 2024 at Monmouth Park racetrack on September 7, 12-5 PM, and we’ll be joined by alumni from the Class of 1964, marking its 60th anniversary. We’re planning to reserve outside tables as we did in 2019 but we need RSVPs to make this event happen. From the Class of ’69, the usual cast of “known desperados” are attending: Phil Nufrio, Bill Tortorello, Dave Liddell, Rick Kitts, Joe Lynch, Jim Detata, Tim Reilly, Rob Murphy, Walt Camuso, Roger Raftery, Doug Coppola, Bob Hickey, Vinnie Castellano, George Spangenberg, Bob Beddes, George Spangenberg and others. From the Class of ’64, we will see Steve McCabe, Mike Shannon and many others. Good food, plenty of “rocket fuel” (attendees pay for their own food and drinks), and a chance to get together with longtime friends. ALL CLASSES WELCOME! DON’T MISS THIS! Contact other alumni you know! RSVP Dr. Phil Nufrio ’69 via email, pmnufrio@gmail.com, text 973-650-2467; Bill Tortoriello ’69, bill0298@aol.com, text 908-406-5074; or Steve McCabe ’64, steve.mccabe.essexeagles@gmail.com, or 908-962-0624. Thanks!